Am I killing them or is this normal? Wk 4 flowering Purp Haze

Hi there!

I am still very new to growing and so confused! Trying to learn. Have previously only grown 3 gorilla glue autos from ILGM. I did everything wrong, but bud is curing and is really niiiiice on sampling - luck, not skill for sure!).

Anyway, into grow # 2 and I don’t know if my girls are ok, or if I am killing them? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Short version of my grow log below, I will post pics also.

Current situation:
Soil FFOF in 3 gal. grow bags, 4x4 tent, 2 LED lights each @ 1500W (triple w/ reflector) full spec.
Temp averages 73 - 81F Humidity averages 48 - 55%
Started 2 Purple Haze (Fem) from ILGM, germed and put into soil on 7/11 under 18/6 light cycle

plant 1 broke ground 7/13 - plant 2 broke ground 7/15
Veg until 8/20 (5 weeks) - no nutes during veg

8/20 switched light cycle to 12.5 on / 11.5 off (plants stand at approx 20" tall)
8/26 I think I see first pistils, confirmed on 8/29 definitely pistils (yay!)
9/1 I notice plant 1 seems to be progressing quicker than her sister bud wise

9/7 leaves on both are starting to show yellow down low, thinking they used up all the nitrogen in FFOF
9/7 first nute feed at 25% recommended dosage - I used Advanced Nutrients micro and bloom, Black Magic Cal Mag, and Flower Fuel. I did not test ph as my kit still hadn’t arrived.
9/7 found I needed to transplant # 2 as she was root bound - not good during flower, but… laid a foundation of FFOF in the bottom of a 5 gal. grow bag, cut the 3 gal. bag off and set her into the new, then filled in around her, must have done that right at least because no signs of shock

9/8 looks like clawing now too? Is it no nitrogen, too much nitrogen, or not nitrogen at all? wtf…
9/10 lots of leaves keep yellowing, upper leaves on plant 1’s cola are picking up reddish/purple on edges, not sure if that’s a Purple Haze thing, boron deficiency, or light burn… moved lights up again… plants stand at approx 37" each

9/14 second feeding, finally rec’d ph test kit - well water is 7.0, added Cal-Mag @ 75% and Flower Fuel @ 25% recommended, tested again and it’s roughly about 6.7, per chart this is a good ph for uptake, watered them both, they each take just under a half gallon every other day, rather they run a little dry than get root rot
9/14 started switching half their light time to the red (bloom) spectrum, other half is full spectrum.

9/16 seems like there is no new discoloration, so maybe they’re ok after the last feed? Not sure, if what I’m seeing is a normal amount of yellowing for this stage, or if something is wrong? It seems like too much to me.

9/17 (today) marks 4 weeks from the light cycle switch over, and yesterday was 3 weeks since i noticed the very first pistils. ILGM says 8-9 weeks of flowering on these.

I did a little defoliation once the bud sites were established for better light penetration, but I didn’t take off a ton. I only remove a leaf now after it is fully yellowed and droops. How damaging would it be to take the larger yellow fans off the main cola? I’ve read mixed thoughts, would like to hear personal experience on this also.

Interestingly, even though these are supposed to be the same seed and are the same height, plant 1 grew less branches with larger sized leaves, and plant 2 has many branches with smaller, more abundant, delicate leafing. I don’t know if that’s normal or something I did/didn’t do either. Perhaps one favors her Sativa genetics and the other her Indica. At this point, they are almost like pets I spend so much time with them each day (hubby might be getting jealous lol). I just want to learn and bring them through flower the best I can.

Sorry it’s so long, but figured the more you know… Thanks so much for any insight/help!


Looks like it’s magnesium deficiency. Otherwise she looks good. Add a little epsom salt. I do 1.2 grams per gallon.


I added Cal-Mag when I watered last, will try the epsom salts this time, I know I have some. Thank you so much!

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Adding both probably would not hurt just to give a boost in the right direction. At least a couple feedings. Definitely continue with the cal mag too.


Just to add my two cents. Make sure when you water that you are getting plenty of runoff. This washes away any unused nutes, also called salt buildup. Definitely lookin good, good luck


Thank you both! I just watered again, with Cal-Mag and a little sprinkle of epsoms in the jug / ph @ 6.5.

I didn’t think much about the build up factor. I haven’t been getting much run off, if any at times. I’ve been so afraid of over-watering them since everything I read says that’s what us newbies do lol. I currently give them just under a half gal each, every other day. Saturday I will ph it to 6.5 (my well water is 7.0) and give them each a full gal of straight water and let it flow out for a rinse. Thinking I will stick to just Cal-Mag and Flower Fuel for nutes for the rest of this grow - epsom salts again next week, no more Advanced Nutrients, not that I think they are bad, I just think I need get more experience first and don’t want to burn my girls either.

Again, I really appreciate your thoughts and help, thank you so much.


Overwatering doesn’t happen from the amount of water that you give em at one time it’s when you water them before they need it. The roots have to get dry enough to get oxygen before you water them again or you drown them.

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Ah, then I guess I am good in that regard at the very least lol. I’m using the breathable grow bags, and they each take just under a half gal. every other day. Always pretty dry by then, but not so much that they wilt. I am really liking the bags as opposed to the plastic pots I used on my first plants.

Tomorrow I’m going to do the full gallon to flush, just in case there is a salt buildup as you had mentioned. The yellowing I was concerned with has not progressed further since the feed w/ epsoms a few days ago, and they are looking happier. Plant # 2 finally started putting out some visible frosting on her sugar leaves, but plant # 1 is just coating them like crazy! Fingers crossed all else goes well with the rest of flowering.

Appreciate the link, going to check it out now, thank you!


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That moment when you realize a few days ago was only yesterday, and maybe you should put the Ghost Train down for a few, h… :sweat_smile: :joy: :rofl:

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