Am I close to harvest?

Do these look like 2 weeks away? According to the “seed bank” I got my seeds from they have a flowering time of 8/9 weeks. I’m (as of today) in the 1st day of their 7th week. 2/3weeks remaining? How accurate is their 8/9 week projection. Opinion needed, thanks.

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I think you’ve got at least three weeks left.


Still looks a couple weeks out to me. The best way to be sure is to get 30× or better jewellers loupe and check the trichomes. Most people harvest when they see 10-15% amber trichomes. The times they project are never certain. You just have to choose when the best time for harvest is. Amber trichomes signify that the THC is just starting to degrade. The goal is to get as many milky colored trichomes as possible. When they turn amber, they change to cbd. Cbd causes that couch lock narcotic feeling. So it’s good to have a few amber trichomes in my opinion. If you harvest with no amber, you get more of an energetic high. Really depends on the kind of high you like.


Do I assume it’s the trichomes on the hairs, not the leaves, will all the white hairs turn dark as some have done? I do have a loop just not sure what I’m looking at! LOL my first time! So inexperienced and a little insecure. As far as what I want??? I guess strong as possible for a baseline. Easy to buy sativa locally but good indica is more difficult to find.

You want to look at the trichomes on the flower, not the leaves and not the hairs. All those white pistils will turn dark red or brown when she’s getting close to harvest. Then you want to get your loupe and look at the trichomes. You’ve got a lot of time left.

This is what you’re looking for:


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Check the trichomes on the calyx. The sack that the hairs protrude from.

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Thanks drillbit, the calyx, that was the missing info I needed! Thanks again. Went and looked and located the calyx and now I know where to look!! YEA!

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Anytime! Glad to be of help. Welcome to the forum.

Thanks been reading and learning for a couple of months now and really appreciate all the info here.thanks to all.