Almost no trichomes on week 11 of flowering

Hi growers, this is my second so far, and I repeated genetics, Amnesia XXL from Mystique Seeds, my previous grow (1st one ever) was great, with a lot to improve but overall great flowers, the only thing is that I think I cut them
too early, so now I tracked the dates and they’re at week 11 of flowering.

My concern is that they hadn’t produce much trichomes, last grow I thought that it could have been that they needed more time, but label says they take 12-13 weeks of flower, so hypothetically they’re almost done, and they look like so, with big, fat, chunky and dense buds, but when I look at them they don’t appear nearly as “frosty” as my other genetic (Amnesi-K Lemon from Kannabia Seeds), and when I look them through my jeweler’s loupe I see almost no trichomes.

My question is it just genetics? Or does it need some more time? Because the other plant is packed full of trichomes.

Pd: We’re on summer here in Argentina, I suspected that that could affected, because temp and humidity sometimes is super high.

FIRST 3 photos Amnesia XXL, the other photos are from the Amnesi-K Lemon


It’s genetic. It happens from time to time.


Thank you! I was a little worried for temps, do you think I should start flushing or should I wait a few more weeks?


Hope you find this helpful:


Flushing has been proven to be ineffective, I wouldn’t bother. But it’s up to you. :man_shrugging: shouldn’t hurt either way. The listed flowering time seems really long. It looks like it’s done tbh. Have any closer shots?


Good idea. I can’t imagine that there are no trichomes on the flower.

Like this:


I’ll take some more shots later when I get home and hang them here!


I can see some trichomes through the jewelers loupe, but they’re super tiny, almost can’t see them, and they look kind of flat


Hey guys, here are some closer photos of those buds, the first ones the Amnesia XXL (the ones that have tiny trichs) and the other from the Amnesi-K Lemon

Amnesia XXL:

Amensi-K Lemon:

Also, do you guys see some foxtailing here? I fear there might be because of temps and RH, they were a bit hard to control this time of the year

Thank you all again! It’s always nice for us new growers to find these blogs and listen to people with more experience


Those are some nice big fat buds. Nice job. :blush::v:

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Ty so much! Still have things to improve and learn, but it’s all part of the path! :grin: :pray:

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Over all I have to say you hit this one out the park. The Flowers look amazing.