All the questions at once 😆

As a seedling I run around 20 DLI. Then I slowly raise it up till I’m around 35-40 for most the veg cycle. Then I hold about a 40 through the flower phase too.

@HeyJB what does that mean sorry my 1st grow 2 plants

What light are you using? Sorry if I’ve asked that many times already.

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Vipar1000 @HeyJB

Try downloading a photone app on your phone. Or an app that wil allow you to use your phone to test for DLI. This is a amount if light your plant will receive over a given amount of time. The app will do the math for you so you wont have to do it yourself.

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@HeyJB sooooooooooo… my phone doesnt let me download that

Lets call in some big guns then. @beardless @Graysin @Fieldofdreams can you assist please? Need to determine DLI without using the phone app.

Hm, do you have an iPad, tablet, or Kindle with a front facing camera? Any of those should also be capable of downloading Photone.

As far as other apps, I haven’t tried anything else. My understanding is the daylight/sunlight setting on Photone is the only tried and true “close to the Apogee meter” app we have to recommend.


Is Poly short for Polytechnic.


I will save this info forever. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
My phone doesnt have the reqs for photone. But i can do math. :nerd_face:


Have a ipad keeps asking for a apple sign in whenever i try to download the app

Well great job… thank you. Thats the light that i have for my plant… but idk how to read that lol this is my 1st grow… and i have that light on at 65% at about 18-20" away 24hrs a day

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Ah. Can’t help with login info. Once many moons ago I did tech support but it’s been a long while now. :grimacing:

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Your the mad scientist lol!! Professor!!


As part of my early business education curriculum in 1973-74 I had to take Intro to Fortran and Cobol. It was a very short lived introduction to computer sciences. I did finish with a business degree with NO emphasis on computer systems and languages,

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:laughing: :rofl: you’re fine :laughing: shes doing good… took her out the solo cup and put her in forever home with FF misted the dome and left her alone looking good. Thank u guys for the info @anon72256435 so thats my light that u used in the example. I have it about 18-20" away from seedling what should my light be set on is the 50% good

Ok so tusrn my lights down to about 25% and she should be good. This is her today before i misted her dome

She real low to the soil not alot of stem out

Really that short. I just left out of there misting her dome again and the stem is a little longer but still low, no backfill or nothing

@HeyJB so when would you say i should add some water to her. Ive just been misting her dome. Stuck my finger in the soil feels dry but cold idk :laughing: just dont wanna mess up made it to this and im excited over my seedling lol.

If the dome has moisture building up on it youre good. Otherwise just add a few ounces of water OUTSIDE the cup ring. Not right around the plant. And go ahead and keep the dome and spritz goin.

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