All bananas and widows have died in seedling stage

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I am hoping for a little advice please. so far I have had %100 success with the super skunk growing in coco and perlite. I was really excited to bet some banana kush and black widow. So far all bananas and widows have died in seedling stage yet the skunk seedlings in the same place with the same mix and same water are doing ok. understand this looks like damping off and as youcan see its all petty dry yet they still die

try hatching with the wet paper towel method. move to soil and plant with just the top of the head showing

Another good habit is to presoak your soil before planting and not water again for 2 weeks. Most new growers overwater (we all do) n when the seedlings are young the drink very little very slowly. What kind if pot n soil u using?