All advice welcome!

The question is , if I’m using Humboldt’s Secret base A and B along with golden tree can I use Flower fuel as well?? Thanks in advance


Shouldn’t you be in mid-flush at this point? We have had a series of hard freezes already. Plants are not going to be doing much more growth. They should be flushing to rid their systems of extra chemicals.


My apologies, I’m indoors and have just started a new plant, I was wondering if I could use all these together during the flower stage


I use full humboldts secret lineup and use flower fuel with it. Early flower I just use the flower stacker then gradually start putting in a little flower fuel. I haven’t gone full strength rate when using both together and so far no issues. If plants are still looking fine I’ll work it up to full strength flower stacker and half rate flower fuel. Good luck and happy growing!


You can use different bloom boosters with whatever line of nutrients you’re using. Just know the NPK values you’re putting in so you don’t cause lockout or other problems.