AK 47 auto not growing

AK 47 not growing photo at 14 days. Set up is vispar 2000 watt led at 24" . Mix is Kellogg raised bed organic .30-.10-.10 with 50% worm castings

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I’m pretty new (11 weeks into first grow) but not sure if be concerned yet… I learned early that having the girl in a huge pot like that you will have what seems like “dead periods” because all the work is being done where you can’t see building roots.

2 months at that size would be a problem, 2 weeks is super early

Thanks for the input , I was concerned because I have Blueberry 420 auto same age it’s got it’s second node

I think it’s a lil tough to compare different strains sometimes and especially photos to autos…autos are funky that’s what I’m doin for my first grow, 5 of all the same and they are all different lol. Other than dirt that looks really dry that lil girl looks ok to me for 14 days but again I don’t have a ton of experience yet

Just watered last night PH is adjusted to 6.5 . For some reason top drys very quick

Well they don’t need a ton of water early…I have read that new seedlings should be under 24hr light for the first 2-3 weeks…and doming them and spraying the inside of the dome so it creates humidity also helps early on

I’m going to try the dome that may help I’ll let you know thanks

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I would suggest a whitish or clear solo cup so it still gets some light rays