Airport security and weed?

I am flying out to Spokane in a few hours from seattle. In state flight. I was going to bring 2-3 grams in an airtight pill jar for a buddy. Of course the state clears it up not so well.

Has anyone got feedback about flying with a few grams? It would just be in my backpack pouch carry on. Not hidden. What do you all think?


i think one aspect, is it is an airport an they are sticklers about jus about anything they can find.
another aspect is, if its legal, not leaving the state… i dont a see it as an issue one bit.
only way to find out is to go for it, worst case scenario they take away a couple grams or tell u no. no big woop
i would do more of a dont ask dont tell kinda thing. if they dont see it, dont mention it. lol no big deal


Airports are federally controlled. Best bet would be a not to carry in state.
Can’t you purchase at a facility at the location you are traveling to?
I’m in Texas so it’s a big no at my airport but, it may be something you can check on at your local airport.


Its out of the states hands when at an airport or in the air. Youre no longer under state jurisdiction, but federal… i wouldnt chance it.


Dont catch a federal charge over a few grams definitely not worth it. Though states have legalized, the war on stoners still goes on. Just think we are the only patients in the country who are not aloud to cross state lines with our meds…even if prescribed by your doctor. Please dont shot yourself in the foot in a war like this. Peace, love and happiness to you growmie.


In the US…I usually fly with some. They are looking for threats to the safety of flights…not weed. In the US they will usually just take the weed if they happen upon it…if they are feeling particularly dicky, they will ask the state if they want you…in your case they are going to say no. There is risk…but not a great one for a few grams

My plan is always to say the weed is hemp or my vapes are CBD…have never been stopped and I fly alot.

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So true. I did 15 years with the feds and did not have any weed on me, my person or in the car when we were stopped. Had alot of money which started an investigation and I did sell from time to time, but no weed was ever confiscated or brought in to evidence, only verbal amounts by people that were threatened. Without so much as a gram, I was indicted for 2 tons and given the max sentence possible back in the 80’s thanks to Reagan and Released after 12 yrs-8 months.


Thank you for your story. Im saddened to here you lost so much time over a plant that heals. But to make some light of the situation it was people like you that really did get the movement twards legalized meds for the rest of us started. And for that I am truly grateful :pray: .


This plant has been a part of my life since the 70’s. Never believed the propaganda and watch Reefer Madness when I need a really good laugh…


Cannabis is still federally illegal regardless of where your are traveling to/from. TSA is a federal entity.

Worst case you catch fed charges for trafficking, best case you get through with no issues. I wouldn’t risk it.

If I was going to bring something gummies or a vape would be the better option.

For the record, at this point it should be legal on the fed level but there’s no fun in navigating dumba$$ laws if they did that.