Air inlet/outlet

Should the air volume in pump equal to the volume of air out or greater?

I thought plan needs O2 and air in should be more than sucking out…but I could be wrong

I’ve got speed controllers on my fans and try to keep them pretty close to equal. If there’s more coming in than going out, the smell permeates the rest of the house. If there’s more going out than in, the tent caves in and sucks air from everywhere in the room, even the cold or hot spots.

The plant’s leaves need lots of CO2 and the roots need lots of O2. The air that gets sucked in through – cracks, seams, stitches, or intentional inlet venting/ducting – will be enough to provide the O2 and CO2 in most cases, certainly no need to pump any more air in than is going out as this will cause smell to get past the outgoing fan and filter system as was stated by oldgoat. With a CO2 enrichment system, you obviously don’t want to pump all the CO2 rich air inside your tent out of it. These tent are often more “air tight” and the out going air is timed and alternates as not to waste the CO2 enrichment.

Exactly MacG; I was waiting for you to bring up…“You cannot pump the CO2 out of the area”. You cannot run a constant ventilation system “on” if you are applying CO2. There must be times for the CO2 to work.

Thank you

Hey! No worries. Happy growing :slight_smile: