After some advice on my first indoor grow

My first attempt at indoor growing
3x2 tent
1 300w led
4” exhaust fan
6” clip on fan
Strain I’m growing is 1 blueberry from ilgm, after any advice from anyone. Is my light to far or to close? And is this 300w led enough for just 1 blueberry auto

I would try to go about 12 inches. If that helps

Have adjusted the light to 24cm 12” just idk… seemed to far away.
The lights a 300w full spectrum led, however I’m not sure what the true wattage is. I was thinking of getting a vivosun 600w aswell but would the 300w be enough for the 1 blueberry auto?

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Would have to know make and model to tell true wall watts. Maybe a pic of spec tag on light.
A lot of the blurple manufacturers make false claims on output.

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Yeah I’m pretty sure it’s just a cheapy crap one I got this set up from a mate but it seems to be doing fine but will get a better one soon, aswell as some other upgrades

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The light you have will be OK for one plant through veg. It will most likely be sufficient to get you through flower. But you will most likely have light airy buds. As @Oldguy has pointed out you have what is known as a blurple. You have pointed out yourself that it isn’t 300w true watts. Probably pulling 110 to 120 watts from wall. If you intend to just grow one plant at a time you should consider investing in to a light that will produce nice dense nugs. Something like this would be sufficient to grow and flower one plant


Let’s just go ahead and say: “All of them” lol.

Brand and make will allow you to find out what your output is. 50 watts/square foot is your metric.