Afghan XXL mass

I didn’t buy these seeds here so I hope this is OK. But all of my next grows are seeds from ILGM and I’m hoping Blueberrie Dream does an even better job.
So I do my best not to smoke because of the strict driving laws in Australia. I have been dealing with a situation that has caused my mental health to be pushed to the limit! I suffer from Complex PTSD, Bipolar disorder, ADHD and I’m on the spectrum. It’s sounds impossible to have all 4 of these conditions at the same time but I’m proof it definitely is possible!!!
I was at breaking pont last week and decided at about 9.30 at night that “I NEEDED SOMETHING” to help me remove my feelings of wanting to take my own life. So I have some Afghan XXL mass bud dried, cured and put away in a vacuum sealed bag. I smoked the tiniest amount of it, and I mean tiny!!! Within 15 minutes I was asleep, I don’t fall asleep without the medication I have been taking for 13 years. The next morning, I woke up and didn’t feel overwhelmed by the issue I had to work on that day (I had to speak to 3 different lawyers and try and find the right one for my workplace injury). For the entire day I was able to cope. I did the same the next night and the next up until today. I haven’t had any anxiety, depression and a massive decline in physical pain from my injuries! I didn’t read about the Afghan strain until yesterday and found it had a higher CBD than some of the other strains I had previously smoked as they were just high THC. I always knew about CBD and the medical benefits of marijuana but never had I felt the benefits in the past, as I smoked weed heavily for many years (from 14 years old up until I was 31) and am a recovering alcoholic (sober 3 years) and recovering from being a heavy meth addict (7 years off meth). I’m 38 years old, I did originally go to AA and NA but found some things and people made it not for me. (If it works for anyone who reads this, I’m not knocking it, it just not for me) So to smoke such a tiny amount at night before bed and be able to sleep without heavy sedatives (LEGAL DRUGS PUSHED BY BIG PHARMA) to not have panic attacks since I started this, ILLEGAL IN AUSTRALIA, medication is amazing!!! I have to be careful because of my past but I don’t feel the need to smoke during the day, I have hobbies that I love and couldn’t pursue if I was high.
In summary, I really just wanted to tell someone what has happened with this medication. I can’t tell anyone close to me because they will think I’m going back to my old habits but I’m not! I can’t wait for my blueberrie Dream!!! The picture is a bud of Afghan wile drying.
Thanks for listening!!!


Looks like she was pulled super early. Has aloy of white pistil still which should be colored red brown ect and kinda recessed into the calyx before plants are usually done.

It was pulled earlier for a reason. But that’s not why I posted this. If all you see in this post is it’s flaws, then you are not the key demographic this was pointed towards…
Maybe keep your negativities to yourself. Try and find the positives in everything…