Advice "What type of Filter for 3X3"

I am lost here, I am kinda down to crunch time, so I thought I would hang a note out there for the community.

I have a 3X3 tent and my fan is a AC Infinity CLOUDLINE T6, 6 inch.

I need some advice on what type of filter to get. Who makes a good filter? Should I buy a cheap one or a expensive one? Does it matter?

My ladies are 2 weeks into flower, I need to get one soon.

Thanks for the help!

you can see ladies on my Journal if you are interested.


What about this Filter? ** Phat Goblin**

When analyzing the CFM what is the calculations per tent size?

Vivosun works for me.

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This is what I use.

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No issues? Works?

I have seen a few out there using Vivosun. hey thanks for the input! very kind of you.

No issues, works fine!

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How important is it, that the cam rating for a filter needs to match the fan cfm?

I’m not real sure but I think your fan runs 350-400cfm? If so, it will definately pull air thru that filter. There are many experts here tho that may know more than me but I think you’d be fine

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Your fan rating needs to be higher than the filter. If it’s lower the fan will struggle and have a shorter life span. I use the vivosun filters as well. I don’t think they’re great but they keep the smell isolated to right around my grow rooms and don’t escape the house which is the main thing.

I’ve heard good things about phresh filters but they’re pricey.


I am trying to get carbon to refresh my filters. Tired of spending so much. They are made to change out, but they don’t make it easy to find the right charcoal/carbon.

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Can and phresh are pretty much only filters I will buy anymore. If you need them to perform well it’s worth spending a little extra in my opinion. Every inexpensive filter I’ve purchased has worked to an extent, but nothing like the good ones.


Will.the AC T6 pull to.much air? To the point the filter is not working properly.

Dbrn32. I checked out the phresh, they are nice!. If you have a need, they got what you need.