Advice on T8s and growing

I recently came into posession of 2 lithonia 6 bulb t8 fixtures. anyone using t8s? What can i do with these. Been a long time since i grew with flos butbi ain against it if i can get it done cheap

This doesn’t directly answer your question, but…
There is a subforum dedicated to CFL and fluorescent lighting over at rollitup. You will find a lot of good information there.
Forums → The Grow Room → Indoor Growing → CFL/Floursecent Lighting

T8’s will be good for seedlings and vegging but no good for buds.

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You can use them for veg/clones/seedlings. A little weak for flowering a plant but they do good in the early stages.

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Thats what i was thinkin, might be good for mothers

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Great for mothers. Because you want them healthy, but you dont want them to grow super fast. That’s a good use for it