Advice on harvest time please

Getting towards the end game, always controversy as to when to harvest and to flush or not to. Indoor grow, 450 watts with supplemental UVB, vegged 10 weeks about 8 weeks in flower. Looks like all trichomes are cloudy with a small amount of amber. Advice from local hydroponic store is flush to end with sugars and water. Stopped feeding and just using DI water with terpenator. Thoughts please….Thx in advance.


3rd 4th and 5th picture look ready, first one looks like maybe another week will do her some good? Might just be the start of foxtail? This here would tell you if you’re in the window you’re looking for.


I think they’re looking pretty close, but keep in mind that they probably took 2 weeks to really start flowering, so they have really only been flowering around 6 weeks. I’m in the same boat, and I’m thinking two more weeks. Trichomes is the true tale tale sign though.