Advice needed please

A question from a fellow grower:

Awesome info. I’m going to get one of the testers. I don’t think I’ve tested my filtered water from the system we switched to. When we had the salt system and the filters under the sink the p.h. was like…6.4 I think. I’m only doing two out of the 10 White Widow F for now. I’ve tried to go from seed to plant inside once before with some really good but seedy batch of something my friend grew and I had mold on top of the dirt so I guessed over watering and not enough fresh moving air. Plus I had way to many for the space. About…11 to many. Then I tried to do a few aquaponiclly inside in cocoa bark and didn’t have an oxygen source so I had mold and mildew in the under side. I’m thinking of starting with sprout into soil in 12 oz pot, to one gal, to five gal inside. My humidity ranges from 20-50 %. I can’t get my temp. under 80 F when my lights are on. I may have to much light. I have four together set side by side of the one pictured in the photo I attached and don’t really know how far away to have them either. I watched the lighting video but still don’t know exactly what these lights are. T-5, T-8. They’re 24". I can shut each one off so maybe 2 or 3 on instead of 4 ?

Those are 8T 7800k bulbs. You’d be better off with T5 6500k bulbs.

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I agree. For seedlings and clone propagation, you need a 4 bulb 2 or 4’ T5 lamp. They really kick ass. This will not suffice for an entire grow but, for starting out, it is a great lamp and the plants thrive under T5

Don’t worry so much about temps at 80f. Worry about humidity levels under 40% IN veg you want high humidity 50+* For bloom you want to keep RH down around 40%

  • It is so hard to dial in humidity in simple grows that anything above 50% will suffice, although a higher humidity during the propagation cycle, and early veg is advisable.