Advice needed for humidity control

I’m using a 4x5x7 tent that we built ourselves. It’s not airtight. Open at the top and bottom. Concrete floor, but the Babis are up 3 inches off the floor. 2 dws hydros and 1 coco coir.

I’m just starting 2nd week of the grow cycle. When should I start worrying about humidity control? Should I get a meter? If so, recommendations?

Also, I see people talk about venting in the humidity conversations. I have no venting other than the natural venting it gets by being open at the top and bottom. I do have 2 fans clipped in blowing on the babies to make their stems strong, and my light (600w led) has a built-in fan that’s causing some additional airflow. Should I be doing something different?

When they hit flower they’re gonna smell and that is when you will need a filter. You might want to consider an exhaust fan to pull old air out of your grow to be sure you have good fresh air circulating.

The filter will help control the smell at the appropriate time. If your grow area is open like that how are you gonna ensure it stays dark enough while the lights in the grow are off?

Not saying it is wrong but trying to help you understand in advance!

Are you going to concerned with low or high humidity?

I will post a pic of my tent so you can see what I am talking about!

the filter is the cylinder in the upper left connected to fan and vent exiting to the right and up!

If you look in the lower center of my tent you will see a hygrometer. Measures Humidity and temp. Do you have at least one in your area?

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It’s in my basement, so it’s dark down there at night. I’ve done nothing at all about monitoring humidity yet.

You’ve got to keep an eye on your temp and humidity. Also pH of water is very important. Since you’re Mother Earth to them you control everything and can produce either twigs or trees depending on the care you give them but they also can be loved to death.
Happy Growing!