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Hello everyone, thanks for the advice on my previous bug/environment issue.

I have a couple of questions that you guys can probably help with, I’ll post some photos after.

This is the first time I have tried to grow anything, I’ve got two girls who have been doing great Purple Punch and Lemon Venom, they are outdoors in the UK in natural soil with clay at the lower end.

  1. As we are in the UK and weather is temperamental and often wet I’ve been covering them up at night to imitate 12/12 which had kicked in flower, I think the purple punch is a little ahead… We are due to be 12/12 naturally around sept 25th.

Q: Now that they are flowering and it’s close to 25th would I be able to stop covering them now or will that cause issues and stress the girls? They still seem to be stretching and I don’t want them to hit the top of my cover.

  1. When they started to flower I added a top dressing and watered in, I had what looked like a bit of nutrients burn as a couple of leaves went yellow and burned at the end ( it was literally only 3 leaves but I panicked and flushed them over a couple of days and it’s not got any worse )

Q: I have some yellowing leaves around the edge on the purple punch, looking at various resources on here and you tube I think this might be phosphorus deficiency, I’ve been flushing with ph6 water since the nutrient burn in case it was lock out.
Does this look like phosphorus deficiency or something else, I’m obviously a bit wary of feeding since the burn and don’t want to make things worse again

3Q: how far into flower do you think the girls are?

Thanks everyone

Purple punch

Lemon venom

flower progress, a few days ago

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I couldn’t work out how to edit…I think I meant potassium farther than phosphorus

They are barely into flower (end of week two maybe). As long as you maintain 10 or more hours of dark they shouldn’t reveg, no promises.

What nutrients are you using?


I agree with above.
Barely into flower end of 2nd week maybe, keep covering them until the end of September to avoid reveg or herm issues.

Is it just the one leaf? Or are multiples like that and you are correct with the diagnosis if it’s multiple leafs

Just feed more bloom nutes.

I’ve been using a mix but now using the bloom, I think the problem was adding extra worm castings and bat guana, I wasn’t really thinking and think I doubled up, seems to be okay now so will stick with the bloom nutrients thanks for the reply @budz

These are the latest


Thanks @Nicky it was on a couple of leaves, I’ll give them a boost

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They look mostly healthy, keep it up :smile_cat:

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They are looking okay now, still a way to go but hoping the weather doesn’t ruin it

Time to defoilate alot of those leafs

@Nicky I’ve taken a lot off from the bottom but this is my first grow so didn’t want to take too much.

What do you recommend , I can send some more photos from the bottom…any advice is gratefully received

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This is all going to seem very excessive but I can assure you that the defoilation I advise will lead to bigger yeilds on your main buds. It will focus light and plant energy stocks towards the best buds.

Okay so
Go up the main stock and cut off the first 4 shoots that kick out. If you want keep the little buds that are in developed, let them dry keep a cardboard box to toss all your trim and popcorn buds into that can later be turned into concentrate for cooking or hash.

Then find the canopy level, about 50% up the plant.
Everything below that should be removed, branches, shoots, leafs, buds everything.

Any thin shoots that are thinner then a bbq skewer should be trimmed off.

Then, you might need a ladder for this one lol, start trimming fan leafs off or any bigger leafs. Your goal is to allow sunlight into the bud sites that remain. The plant will re grow so don’t be scared you can trim 50% of them off basically.

It’s alot of work and it seems like alot of damage but your plant will swell right up and re grow within a couple weeks, your effort will pay off.


Awesome, thanks… It sounds scary lol

I guess I know what I’m going to be doing in my lunch break for the next couple of days :slight_smile:


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When i first defoliated my first plant I was as nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof.

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But I held your hand didn’t I? @Deepsix lol

@Breezy @ashhhh @Bulldognuts @DefNSmokn

Have all received the same advice and have been happy with their results which now most do it on a regular basis.

Buds need light to grow, tricombs are sun screen basically this is why uv helps in small doses.


Yes you did my friend and thank you for all your help.

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I’m just playing around @Deepsix your over there growing a jungle man, it’s you doing it not me.

Just trying to explain the op that it’s scary at first but we all can provide re assurance in order to help boost their yeilds and add more bud porn to out site.

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And I appreciate your help and everyone else’s help. That is one of the things I love about this forum everyone want’s to see other growers succeed.

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