Advice 315 cmh + 150 hps 3'x3'x6'

The only issue I see with sf-2000 specifically is that they show it with elg series driver. If that is so, that driver will only run at 75% of nameplate current on 120v circuit. It needs 240v circuit for full output from driver, which kinda sucks when you consider $12 more hlg driver will run at full nameplate on 120v. And the dimmer is located underneath driver.

I read about the adjuster on the inside and although that sucks it isn’t enough to shy me off, the 75% of nameplate value does suck a lot. I hope it comes with a 240v cord but I don’t know if that’s a thing

Just realized 240v is an entire power supply upgrade lol :sweat_smile:

You would just need to have a 240v receptacle wherever you are growing. Cord wouldn’t cost much and is easy to switch. But the average homeowner isn’t installing a 240v circuit into a finished house.

Yeah a little out of the way for me.
Is the QB 260 xw kit better than spider farmer sf 2000 in your opinion? I saw a post of yours saying the QB 260 is ideal for a 3x3

@dbrn32, on the elg driver only running at 75%, I’ve read that as being the case myself, but the Spider Farmer sf4000 which uses 2 elg-240 drivers was pulling 443 watts (from my kill a watt monitor) from the wall on 120v. Seems way more than 75% or am I missing something here?

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Nope 443 divided between drivers is about 221 watts per driver. I think they are about 90% efficient drivers, 91 maybe. So of the 221 about 21 watts are going to be driver efficiency losses, and the remaining power consumed output from driver to boards.

In comparison, an hlg-240 with the output fully loaded is capable of having over 250 watts output on fully loaded driver on 120v. I have seen them pull over 280 watts on killawatt.

May not matter as we’re not even 100% sure the sf boards will handle the current the hlg boards do. But you know I’m looking at from builder standpoint, those elg drivers suck unless being used in Europe or Australia that already has 240v circuit. Dimmer underneath not great either. In US for all intensive purposes, it’s a 200 watt driver not a 250 watt driver.

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Sweet, thanks for the info.

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No problem. I think what sf is offering isn’t exactly all doom and gloom (see post about them in comparison to another brand) lol. There are people who buy them over typical blurple, but not be able to afford a more expensive fixture. I just like to point out there is still the element of getting what you pay for. You’re paying more hlg fixture, but you’re getting more too.

@dbrn32 I ended up getting an hlg 260, but I’ve ran into a problem and was hoping you could help me with the assembly by chance ?

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What’s up @CaliDreadHead?

The videos I’ve seen only has one plug coming out of the DC side of the mean well driver but I have two. One that has white and red wires and one that has blue and white. It also came with a knob attached to two wagos, I assumed I was supposed to attach the blue and white wire to the wagos with the knob and it was just an updated version with a dimmer attached. But I wasnt able to confirm anywhere because I can’t find any other person with the driver I have

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New driver, will be wired a little differently than in videos.

Blue wire goes to one of the tabs on pot with one wago and wire goes to other tab on pot with a different wago.

I don’t understand “one of the tabs on pot” I’m sorry

Nevermind I understand now! Thanks man you’ve been a great help, this light is as bright as the sun it’s ridiculous. Have a good one !

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Sorry I missed earlier post, glad you hot it dialed in!