Adjusting the waters ph

I have questions regarding the ph of my water. I water my seed with bottled water but I just received a ph reader and the water is reading at 8.41. Is that good? If not, how can I lower the ph level in the water?

That seems high for bottle water? What brand? Also be sure your meter is calibrated correctly or it will give you wrong readings

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tap water is fine for germination ,and bottled water is better. It’s ok.
Check to see if the calibration of your PH meter is correct (most meters come with Cal packs) .apple cider vinegar is down ,baking soda is up

If the ppms of the bottled water are extremely low, under 50ish, it’s very difficult to get an accurate pH reading.

Distilled/RO water are neutral at pH 7

You can add citric acid crystals to lower pH. It won’t take much.

I just tested the water from my brita filter which landed me at about 6.8 ph…fair?

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best ph for soil…6.3 to 6.8
find a chart that shows ph levels where individual nutes response levels are shown.
Fox Farm has good grow charts.