Actually 3 questions about oddities in my grow

To start off things, I have pix of my notes on this grow to date. Perhaps something will jump out at someone right off the bat.

Alright, so heres my first quandary.

These 4 girls are all ‘All Gas OG’ from Humboldt. The 2 first pictures are the same age in the same RDWC and environment. The second set are the same age (a week after the first 2). Now here’s my question, why the big difference in them? I mean, the little dark, round girl is from the same germination. Granted there’s a huge difference dirt and hydro, but really!
The size difference between the first 2 is also confusing they are from the same germination as well, and should be practically identical, bur the stem on one is twice the size as the other.
The girl in dirt was doing fine for about 2 weeks after replanting in the 12" then she went into flower ahead of time and has been sickly ever since.


These two girls are from identical circumstances, but the girl in SCROGs blooms are obviously way behind her sister. It has to be something I am doing. Perhaps my LST knocked her back? But I just put the training clips on 2 days ago. Other than that everything is the same.

Sorry, but nobody is going to read all your log pages especially sideways.

Can you summarize?


Sure, l try to keep 6.0 pH, 75 degrees, 50% humidity, between 400 to 500 ppm right now 2nd week of flower, water temp at 67, DLI at between 40 to 50 right now, 18/6 light schedule, using advanced 10 part GH nutes.

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all autos.

i’m only posting this as a curiosity really. but if I’m doing something to cause these things I would like to know. its not really a big deal, I’m used to no response by now so its okay.

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I don’t know the answer to as what is wrong I don’t do dwc.

But I do grow autos. I have transplanted one auto stunted it so never again I start them in their pots.

I also know that no 2 plants will look a like. It don’t matter if the are from the same seed stock so trying to compare them in that aspect won’t help much.

Good luck.

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cool, thanks.

This is the first time I’ve tried posting on this phone and I didn’t get a couple pix loaded so some of it didn’t make sense. Sorry, I will stick to the pc for posts.