Actual start of flowering begins?

Been growing a few years now and I’m starting to classify myself as a moderate striving towards expert status. I’m tracking my plants individually with notes on calendars to minimize my time and effort by coming up with a formula and schedule. I’ve spent a lot of time, effort and money to minimize the 3 for the future.

I have a 4×6veg room and a 6x9 flower room( I have 5ft windows facing south in flower room, badass!)

** My question is … after the flip to 12/12 lighting, does the flowering week count start when the flip happens or when first signs of hairs, or the first sign of flower buttons. I’ve heard different opinions.

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This is when flowering begins. Typical 2 week transition.

We’d all love to see your grow setup. Why not start a journal?


I have a sorta journal of my own I’ve been keeping for last two years grows

Finishing up my 6x9, started it last weekend and haven’t gotten round to finishing it. Wony need it for a couple of weeks anyways

The 3x6 is in flower finishing up within the month.

Bubba kush, fruity pebbles, destroyer, flo/super lemon haze, gorilla bomb, cannaloupe kush, mimosa.


New build 6x9 flower room