Ace of spades shape, male?

From a fellow grower:

I have achieved to grow my low profile indoor plant. I got it from a half I bought and the plant had 3months of veg and is now on his 6th day of flowering , i am preety sure that is a male because of the ace of spades shape, so my question is: is this plant male?

little hard to see but,…looks like balls. at the second node on the right. looks like little balls.

If its had 3 months of veg and now started flowering and not one single white pistil hair has developed, yes unfortunately its a male. Is this the only plant your growing?

Give it more time. A few more days isn’t going to hurt anything.


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it does kinda look that way ,but id give it a few days as well just to be sure .can you get a closer close up??

I have never heard of telling of a plant is male or female by Ace Of Spades ?

And I had plants in veg for 6 months with out showing any signs of gender. Not until I flipped them to 12/12
Then in about 5 days hairs everywhere.
Even though he in the 6 day of flower it all plays on generics and strains.


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I first left the plant for 36 hours of darkness and then I set up the lights for 12-12 and already has around 7 to 8 days of flowering and no white hairs anywhere just this strange things on the nodes

this is the only plant im.growing and there are no white hairs anywhere

check what I just posted Will… thanks for the help

there is always a period of time in between when you switch light schedule and when hairs/buds start to form.
for my last run it was about a week or so, before i saw signs of buds.

What do you mean bro?

i mean,…if you switch lights to 12/12 timing…youre not going to see hairs or buds or anything immediately.

it takes time. sometimes more than others.

I started 12-12 on the 16th of this month I guess i will wait one more week a take another pic and show you guys to see then what you all think

yeah, it could turn out to be male or hermaphrodite,…but its too soon to know it seems.
keep calm and carry on :slight_smile:

Thx bro…:facepunch:

Say what size lights are you using


I take back what I said then sorry, I’ve always seen signs after a month two months max even if it’s just 2-3 pistils on the whole plant, but that has always been outdoors, never grown indoors.

this is another pic bro it looks like balls

I am Using CFLS 8x140w total 1120 watts

Wait dude. Mine did this. Took for ever to show white hairs. I have diagrams, but I’d wait. The balls grow on both, the female will have 2 hairs come out, male will have one little one or none. So its hard to tell. All mine turned out to be female so be patient. Peace good luck