Accesorizing climate

I have closet under stairs. I have 24sq.ft. I have 2 grow lights p2500 series. Well actually I also have a p1000 and sf1000. I have a no window access. So I have a ge portable ac which I exhaust out the closet and fans,dehumidifier,humidifier,hell I even have a small laminar flow hood for shrooming and co2 bags. Airtight almost for negative air pressure. I have a heater. Granted I need to upgrade my humidifier,dehumidifier, and maybe with reliable models with automatic humidistats and thermostats. I had a 100 dollar nice dehumidifier with humidistat that never got down enough when I was drying in a 24 sq.ft. area. 9ft. tall ceiling on down halfed by staircase pitch. Then again get both that has a switch through the inkbird humidity and temperature control. All I know is I can only do half intended grow under 1 light cause temps raise to mid 80s frequently with p 2500. on at night time. As far as drying I usually cannot dial anything remotely close to 60rH and 60°f for 14 days or any setting cause of constant fluctuation I cant adjust a constant balance for. I wanna utilize whole space with 2 lights and be able to optimize and increase growing. Right now I can scrog 1-2 four footers roughly or sog 5-7 plants. Please help fellow grower with very tight budget reach my optimal grow goal.Befoer I dry in about 8 weeks and begin grow 3. Pics of setup later right now in dark 12. Oh yeah our humidity and temps are pretty balanced wher I live. Except weather changes about every 5 minutes. Experience help and wisdom please especially if you been through this thank you

I think I understand your problem…you need an external air flow into the staircase to bring in fresh air…I believe the portable AC just circulates what is in there and the exhaust is not really exhausting air from in your staircase but air from the heat/cool process…or maybe not

Sounds like you need a grow tent and some vent fans with temp and humidity controlers.

I actually have a hole with a 4 inch fan in it pulling in air through back wall.

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I tried a 3by3by6 grow tent I even got a 2by2by3 to dry in.

maybe a larger intake fan…and how are you exhausting the heat that your lights produce

Well my lights are only led
Thats what i have to work with.
Maybe a bigger exhaust but i got 4 inch through my filter and a 4 inch fan and hose both pulling air out and i 1 4 inch letting it in.

Im only using one light here is a pic.
Im about to switch to a 2500.
Right now i have 1000
And a 60watt blurple

Here are pics of my last plant grown and the first one I had a pretty successful grow and dry.
I could’ve had a better dry so far on this last one.

I dont have my other 4 inch inline fan pulling out yet.
Just the one on the filter and i upgrade my fan when they get bigger

I keep the 2 small fans for above and below circulation.
Put a 14 inch on them about 2 to 3 foot away also

Im tryin sog strategy i know there is only 5 but the technique. I done scrog on that 4 foot white widow these are my gorilla glues.
I believe I flipped on the 22nd of May. So going on 10 days flip what you think.

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looks like you are doing the best you can with what you have…good job!

Yes and thank u

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