Abused and Produced

Greetings all. I want to share with you.

I am a newbie to the site. My state has recently moved to the legal side (from medicinal only). As I learn from all of you I am thinking or setting up a garage grow.

I wanted to share my manual grow with you. We see, and hear, a lot about how exact we must be in our grow or nothing good will come of it. I beg to differ. Here are pictures of a seed grown under hash conditions.

This seed was planted in an outside pot, on an patio table. It was left on the table, in a hotter than normal summer. The summer lacked rain. I failed to water it for weeks at a time. When the temp dropped, I moved it under my Vegie garden 4’, 4 bulb T5 handing over my workbench. Unfortunately one of the sockets failed so I have a 3 bulb T5. The only fertilizer it received was two Tbsp of 6-10-10. No grow room, some lamely wrapped tin foil.
The plant still grew and produced!!!

See the pics.


Used and abused we had aa outside grow and I followed everything written here by all. I abuse her and chopped and trimmed her a lot Fed her horse poop liquid I made. And she gave use about 25 oz’s of fan leaves and trimmings over the grow and 9 oz’s of buds that has kicked our butts. Now tent time growing is much different. Slowly I am learning

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