Absolute best light type

Iv’e been going back and forth on the idea of spending a decent amount on a light. I just recently purchased a MH T1000, liking the results but I can already see it isn’t going to produce what I want come time to harvest.

With that being said, I gifted my father the MH T1000 and the 3 plants that was under her :frowning:

Bye bye Lemon Skunk (bag seed) , unknown bag seed, and the beautiful Sour Kush Auto.

So back to the topic, looking for the best TYPE of light (LED,HPS,FLURO) ETC and please, if you can drop a link. I am not rich norvwealthy enough to spend much more than $400 as it’s kind of expensive first getting into the indoor growing scene with purchasing all the gear for the first time.

Grow tent: VivoSun 32x32x64
Amount of plants: Will be 3 again.
Plant type: Auto flower

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Imo the best light out there is from the guys over at The Green Sunshine Co. but they know they have nice equipment so like most lights they’re overpriced.

Alibababa has the best price going that I know of, they have meijiu (think that is how to spell it) king and a couple others that are all made with good efficient LEDs but I don’t know how the customer service will be.

I went with spider farmer and I’m happy, the deciding factor was that they replaced a 2 year old light for my brother no questions asked after telling him they couldn’t fix his they sent him the newest version of the equivalent light


Yeah, iv’e heard great things about SPF but I’m not too sure one SPF will veg and flower my 3x3 like I want as I have been reading people using SPF along with two blurples or at least and additional light. Im looking for something a tad better than SPF . Actually read online HPS were the best lights to grow under but like anything else everyone likes something different

Maybe the SPF 4k?

Actually think an ES 180 V2 will do perfect for my tent. I just seen a video on youtube and one electric sky 180 v2 was producing some massive nice buds

But that’s about the same amount of power from the MH-T1000 as max watts was 100-150

I’m probably the one that you’re talking about with the sf and 2 blurple my space was 2.5 x 6 I think the 4000 would be to much it’s footprint is 5x5 the 2000 would be the way I would go in your space if I went with sf

Mars has lower efficiency LEDs if you look at the par maps you can’t compare mars with v2

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I would go with the hlg 260 watt v2 r spec it will produce more light than your plants can handle I have the 135 for a 30”x30” space and love mine has produced great for me I use right from 2 weeks through to harvest the sf 2000 would do fine but the hlg is a little more powerful


Par is the only way to accurately measure an led light. Watts were used in the old days with the hood lights and led companies try to trick you by using watts to measure their LEDs

Take a look at the HLG 260 v2 R-Spec kit as @sparky66 mentioned it will rock your 3x3 space Price around 350

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I just say look at the par maps before you make your decisions. But make sure that they’re doing the same test. Sf shows a good par map that makes the light these guys are talking about look bad but the sf is being tested in a tent and hlg is not tested in a tent so you can’t use those numbers to compare them it’s a cheat by sf

I’m sure if you look around someone has done a fair test of most lights available is just a word game with the companies

It is ONE way to measure an LED. There are many other metrics involved than just PAR.

IMO the HLG lights are the current standard by which all others are judged. Unless talking d.i.y. then you blow everything away.


I seen earlier that chilled tech is getting ready to drop new product very soon, and potentially a 2x2 option included. Not sure if it will be on your time-line but pre-orders maybe as early as next week. I would definitely at least see what they have. Otherwise a qb260 kit is within your budget, hard to go wrong with that.


The qb260 are hlgs right?

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Yes, horticulture lighting group makes them.

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