About to start outdoor grow

Ok, so I’m about to start2 seed for a outdoor grow I will keep them in side for first 3 or 4 weeks then they will go outside so my main question is bugs can I just surround it with diatamasious earth and that will take care of bugs or will I need other things @AAA @Big123 I plan to dig big hole fill with good dirt then put directly in ground


so what size container will be good for the first 4 weeks of veg inside

Diatomaceous Earth is a great choice. RAZOR sharp to insects. Diluted with water to spray, or sprinkle lightly.:wink::sunglasses:

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If you want to go big, minimum 10 gallon. preferred wild be 20 gallon plus.

Just for first 4 weeks

I got a big hole to fill good dirt

You can start in plastic cups with a few holes drilled in bottom. I would use seed starter mix soil if possible for best germination rates. You can repot in the something bigger if they grow fast before you put them in the earth.


18 ounce cups in picture.


I would rather put in a little bigger I’m not good with transplants would like to only transplant 1 time

Are you doing autos or photos?

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Autos white widdow 2 of them

I wouldn’t use plastic cups for autos unless they were 5 gallons, go 5 gallon if possible, maybe 1 or 2 gallons would work?

What sort of lights are you putting them under indoor?

Qb288 x2.

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You will be rocking it!

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Sweet so I got these 1 half gallon containers I’m use those for first few weeks

Neem oil. Diluted and spray every other week outdoors until flower. Do not spray when flowering


What happens if you put a plant in the ground too late in the season… will it bloom but only stunted?

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It depends on how long she has grown vegetatively, she may flower beautifully if she’s the right size and her roots can expand. I would factor in length of growing season/ sunlight available/ day length, and temperatures.

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