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Almost there on the Panama Red. The Edelweiss May end up taking longer, strangely.

Hello growers this is my out door grow just starting to vegout

This is bruce baner feminised

1st time grower. Are my autoflower close to harvest? Forgot to mark the date .

I’m trying to figure out how to post pictures of SS Autoflower plants, I have been growing since late April. They are magnificent. I have not grown anything for 36 years. Now, it’s legal to grow up to 6 plants legally here. I’m very happy about my skills and knowledge of these plants. Here’s a few of them I took today.

Nice :+1:t2: thanks for the pics

Here today it rained and I’m going to tie them up. They are too heavy to stand up now. I still have a few weeks until they are finished. This is SS AUTOFLOWER, outdoor.