Aborigine Grow from Seed

Shortly after learning of “landraces”, I acquired four strains of Aborigine seeds (5 seeds per strain) from the seed bank downtown. What began with four seeds each a little bit different than the next, but different nonetheless, has taken me seven attempts to get where I am today. I hope to show you how this plant grows up for me. Your relationship may be different and I’m happy for that. This is my journey. Share your story, too. Welcome.

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[(Heart of Gold x ?) X (Aborigine x ?)] Day 89. Cropped and topped. Sprayed with GYMP Spray: Neem Oil + Potassium Wash. Spotted leaves but altogether looks healthy and strong.

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[(Heart of Gold x Jungle Spice) X (Aborigine x ?)] Day 89. Cropped & Topped. Still has sick leaves; however, I thought I saw the beginnings of a flower. Anyways, after cutting the dead away, the plant looks much better. Onward bound…


Pretty girls. Will follow. Have you used any calmag for leaf deficiency?


Set to watch. :+1:

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Thank You for including Me @MEDIJUANA … I’m Interested Pal !! … Following

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[(Heart of gold x Jungle Spice) X (Aborigine ?)] I am so excited that each of you are here. I just want to show these to like-minded individuals what I enjoy doing. I’m passionate about this plant. I bore people I’m sure by talking about it so much. Now, with legalization in Oklahoma, I can grow my cannabis without fear of getting caught (again). LET’S GROW.

[(Heart of Gold x Jungle Spice) X (Aborigine x ?)] Day 91.

I need to get rid of these spots. I spray a neem oil with a potassium soap to keep pests away.

All things considered, though, I’m happy she is doing as well as she is.

[(Heart of Gold x ?) X (Aborigine x ?)

I really hope this one makes it because this is the ultimate landrace strain I have. I know very little about deficiencies and whatnot. I appreciate any advice on the topic.

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I must get them healthy like they once were. Shortly after I took these, the pests got hold of them. I’m in the middle of moving and accidentally packed my nutrients. I’m at the point where I am focusing on amending my own soil. I need to adjust the levels of soil, but not sure what I need. Here’s what I know:

soil amendments
-worm castings
-bone meal

That’s it. I would like to know a couple things. My plants might flower soon. They look pretty-not-so-good. Will amending my soil get them ready for transitioning to the flowering phase? What about amending the soil? Do I need to take care of the leaves first?

im super interested in this landrace thing.
cool to see you working on it.
can you elaborate on how you got seeds that are from genetics endemic to your region?
what seed bank carries landrace strains?
this is literally the first ive ever heard of it.
when you say Aborigine, do you just mean a strain local to your region or is it literally called Aborigine?

My suggestion to you, with regards to soil amendment, is not to just toss in a bunch of organic nutes and hope for the best. I would really do some reading on ideal feeding schedules and approaches to nutrients.

my followup to that suggestion is to read a little about “supersoil”
search on this site for it - garrigan65 has posted many times a great recipe that has been used by many growers with a lot of success. it is essentially an organic mix of base soil + quality organic nutrients that will be breakdown over the lifespan of the plant, delivering exactly what she needs to be happy, healthy and productive.

you can also google it “subcool supersoil” - but garrigan has kindly elaborated on it, added to it and also (very helpfully) broken the recipe down for different quantities.

Sounds like, if you are already entering flowering, you will need to ride out your current soil situation as any transplant now may stress them into going hermi. If you want to just add to your current soil, I would also be careful and pay close attention to what you are feeding and in what quantities. read read read, then read some more. For a long time, i just sort of tossed nutes in and hoped for success - the results were mixed at best.

that last pic looks great. For 89 days, there isnt much foliage on those plants, so im curious about your setup. how much sun do they get, whats the watering schedule, what size pots, what nutes, what pests (if any), have you checked runoff pH, have you checked ppm etc etc. There are so many variables that keeping track of them in a notebook has helped me learn a ton - not to mention reading as much as i can, on this site and elsewhere.

I haven’t shared with all of you because the poor thing didn’t want me to take pictures of her while she is sick. I was able to snap one, though. See wha† I mean? I sprayed the limbs with a mix of neem oil and a po†assium wash for the leaves. I sprayed the plant a few too many times. It’s like Lenny petting the rabbits in “Of Mice and Men”. My fault that they are the way they are.

Thank you for sharing your interest about landraces.I’m in Broken Arrow, OK, and with legalization I was anxious to grow. I have a connection with our local seedbank dealing solely with cannabis seeds. When I got the seeds, I had difficulty finding out information of the strain names. They are such old strains that I had hard time finding where they came from. Aborigine comes from the indigenous peoples of Australia. Heart of Gold comes from port cities of South Africa. There are Aboriginal peoples in Canada, too. Could it be that as the continents were still close to each other that a sea of Green was shared among the continents? I don’t know. I like to think so. Landraces are those with ;unknown origin. The original cannabis strain is what I seek and landraces are just that.

What is the name of your seed bank in BA?

I was shown how to trim off the dead leaves yesterday. I knew how to, but I was unsure of myself. I felt I had done enough damage and did not to cause matters to get worse. So, he showed me how to do things, and now I can do it on my own with a newfound confidence. I can see that the plants will pull through this mess after all.

Thanks for stopping by and joining the conversation.
I personally have not visited the seedbank. I get my seeds through an intermediary. I will be getting more landraces as soon as he returns from his honeymoon. I will find the name of the seed bank soon. At that time I will find out more. Then I will have more to share with you.



I made my final cuts on these just last night. With the dead gone, I know they will fill in jus† fine. I was worried that I had killed them both.