A whole bunch of undergrowth

@DanInVa i would trim all of the undergrowth little at a time get more air flow i would feed wait couple days then trim wait about week repeat til you get all of it and when flipping lights it takes about two weeks to start pre-flower happy growing


Sorry bud. Just now saw this.
I did get pics. All in all it just came out to around 85 watts. I just attached 10 sockets to a piece of plyboard and used Sylvania LEDs. I can dig out pics if you’d like to see them.

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That is good enough description for me to visualize. I have put up some stuff on lights i have built.

The current version of these strips is available in 200 lumens per watt.

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Should I trim more of my undergrowth??? I’ve been lollipoping

Need pictures of the underneath your plants let use see my friend

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