A week into flower

Looks like buttons to me. Congrats :+1: :v:

Hey so quick question the guy I follow does a 5 gallon flushing of just ph’d water is that absolutely necessary or can I just continue my feedings

What was or is the reason for the flush? @Katyp

This is an awesome video to show you a couple different styles and it’s pretty informative.

Reposting something I saw a couple days ago from one of the great members here. Beware the cracking noise when he gives “chiropractic care”… made me flinch

I think he just flushed them raised his ph a notch a long with nutrients

just a couple updated pics :slight_smile:


Following. Doing a great job.

My first grow :slight_smile: thank you

Mine too and Im probably a week or so behind you so interesting to watch. This forum is amazing.

I found this guy who’s absolutely amazing and has it broke down week by week day by day if you want the website

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i’m interested in the website

Just an update on my girl!!


I’m sorry I’m just now seeing out

NVCMG - How to Grow Series Here y go love from start to finish he’s awesome

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NVCMG - How to Grow Series Here u go love sorry it took so long it didn’t notify me

I need you!!! Help!!!

Was there a question here?

Yes see the brown on the leaves

Looks like a bit of nutrient burn, but being so far into flower, it’s almost ready to come down, have you checked trichomes?