A simple potassium and phosphorus fertilizer

Hi guys this is for all organic growers if you want to make a good strong potassium and phosphorus fertilizer here is what you do get five bananas the older the better now weigh them on ur kitchen scales now cut up all the bananas now ur goin to use the complete banana ok now weigh out some brown sugar the same weight as the bananas put in to a bowl the bananas and brown sugar and now add five tablespoons of molasses and now mox with ur hands or u can use a blender once mixed pour into a big jar i add a cup of water into the jar now cover with paper towel and now put a elastic band around the top of the jar to hold the paper towel what the paper towel does is it lets air in but keeps bad bacteria out now here is a sample that I have done it was steeping for a week

When u go to use this you want to mix three tablespoons of fertilizer in three ltrs of water

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So equal weights banana and brown sugar? And use the whole banana? Or just the peel?

Yah equal parts banana and brown sugar and yes the whole banana shin and insides

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