A little input from my friends planters pots

My grow space 2 ft by 4 ft. I’m using now 3 - 11 gallon fabric bags. It’s a little tight in there.
I may actually go to plastic pots maybe a little taller narrow 6-7 gallon I think we’ll do fine.
I’m looking for something that I can empty out the water from the trays on the bottom easier than the setup I have now. Also something easier to test run off daily too please. I looked couldn’t find something to complete this mission. Thank you for anybody’s input

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Most don’t empty water out of the trays, they water till some seeps into the tray and stop and the plant sucks that back up in a while.

I got tired of the cheap plastic saucer trays and bought some crawfish plates that are a tough thick plastic and will fit 5 gallon buckets or pots nicely.

What are you testing your runoff ppms with now?

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Budz suggested this unit apera pc60 imo hands down for me is a perfect pH and PPM temperature salt and something else LOL. I only use the pH PPM and temperature
I have fabric bags and I was nervous on mold root rot anything that I’ve been reading is always contradicting each other sometimes but I’m a newbie dumb at times lol. By growing two plants in one pot what was I smoking at that moment of clarity.
I try to message budz to thank him personally but I couldn’t figure it out on here LOL. :star_struck: Shout out again thank you for work recommending that unit. Is there better units cheaper or better units more expensive I’m sure. But for me this unit is the great.

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11 gallon bags seems a little large for that space we use 3 gallon and get huge yields and easier to vac out the excess. We wouldn’t use larger than 5 gallons

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I don’t drain my pans. I have 2 sets of pans and switch them out each time I water so that I am watering into a clean pan that won’t distort pH and PPM readings.


I use one of these

I have my fabric pots sitting on an elevated rack. The drip pans are below the rack. Slide them out, empty, wipe and put them back in.

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I’ve been vacuuming my pans in 4x4 but thanks to you I’m going to use a rack. I hate vacuuming the pans. My grow room has an automated watering wastewater removal setup but haven’t done it for the tents yet and likely won’t as I’ll probably go to rdwc in those next grow.
Thanks for sharing

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I would love to have some input on pots for a 2x4 foot tent. I would also like something to fit, three of them and would like to have trays that a custom for those pots. serviceable changeable and able to test runoff easily would be helpful.
Please throw me some links, ideas and suggestions please. I would love to hear what people are doing. I see some online they are pricey but they are pretty awesome like this

But I don’t know if this is really made for soil I think this is probably made for hydroponics
Thank you for your input hope everybody had a great weekend :anguished::frowning_with_open_mouth::open_mouth::hushed::astonished: