A little guidance please

I grow with a SF7000SE LED with UV in a 5x5 tent. I use fox farm ocean breeze soil. I was failing a lot so I bought a cannabis grow bible and it has helped a lot but strongly pushes PH to be 7.0 yet I see here that 6.5 seems to be the push. I bought the Bergman’s fertilizer but I did not see clear directions on how to mix it in. I use a one gallon can with 5ml cal mag 5ml tea and 36ml of fox farm big bloom. PH water to 7.0. The nutrient level of the soil does not go much above 1 on the meter.


Are you pH adjusting your feedings?

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I finally found the feeding schedule and how to mix it. Now need to adjust the PH lower in the soil. The plants in the picture all all purple punch, same pack seeds germinated at same time and all the same feeding. I discovered that they were not getting any nitrogen but added 1/2 tablespoon of blood meal at the base of each plant and that arrested the yellowing and they recovered to what you see now.


Nice clean setup my friend. Plants look very happy. I try for 6.0 ph and I grow hydroponic. I fill my drum add nutrients and ph to my desired number and it stays around 6-6.2 anything outside that range and I add ph up or down to get back to my target range. How many you have growing looks like 12. I bet you have a forest with no wasted space. Happy growing


Nice set up plants look happy.


Looking good

There is only 9 of them. This is my first scrog grow. I put the net at 24” 6 of the 9 are at the net. Switched to 12 yesterday.

I see this frequently. A SCROG should never hold more than one plant for a LOT of reasons.

You’ll find out what i mean when one plant finishes early or disease hits one.

What is the safest way to lower the ph of the soil without stressing the girls?

Products from General Hydroponics named “pH Up” and 'pH Down" are available on Amazon.

If your runoff pH is high, then feed 6.0 pH feedings in waterings until runoff pH is back in the range 6.3 to 6.8. If your pH is low, then feed 7.3 for a few feedings and then reevaluate.

What soil are you growing in?

Fox farm ocean breeze

This a new ff soil? Or is that a type o and ocean forrest?

Ocean Forrest

One of the plants has leaves turning yellow the other 8 seem just fine. What could cause this in one plant when they all get the same feeding and watering schedule?