A Journal: 129 and 131

I’ve dropped and soaked and sprouted and planted 4 seeds. I have no idea which is which but for the designation of “129” and “131” so for the time being I’ll be guessing if I tell you which is Bruce Banner and which is Gelato. Going alphabetically and numerically placing BB first makes sense but for now its 129 and 131, two of each.

This morning, 48 hours 129A is leading with some stretch! Is it too early to bend it over and start training it? :thinking: We’ll see. :wink:


Lighting, 14/10 cycle till I get a node. The main light is a “2000w full spectrum LED” it pulls maybe 35w :smile: I’m using for sprouting along with a 35w 5000k led spotlight. I have enough blurples to veg my two 2x4s easily but for now these 2 lights are sufficient.
I have better lights finishing up flowering from my last grow so I’ll be adding those this go around as soon as possible and see how they help with vegging.
Watering, germination and seedling get 6.5 PHd distilled water. 200CCs when dry and 150ml around perimeter of grow bag when dry. I’ll add water tubes when I get an idea of branch location in a couple weeks.
Soil Mix, 2x2x1 peat/cow manure compost/commercial fertilized gardening soil mix. Sifted for branches and rocks glass plastic…yes I found a hot wheels plastic tire :roll_eyes: my DBO soil tester says I’m right below 7 ph in the green. My manure compost was extra juicy so I added some extra peat to get it mixed up a little less thick and no clumps. I had my 5 gallon pots filled and sitting for a few days and they almost dried out, so you will notice my pots are in plastic garbage bags. This is to control moisture and RH. The saturation of your soil will drive up the RH from the plant using it but also the air that absorbs the evaporated water coming from the bags, this is a rollercoaster I think you dont want at all, it’s just to much as a variable.
I will not be flushing at all and my watering schedule does not allow the soil to ever get dried out or so full it would need a catch pan/tray. It’s very easy to visually see if your adding to much water and if so reduce the next time. I have had water run to the bottom of the bags on my last grow but it was soon reabsorbed. I dont think I’m defeating the purpose of the grow pots bags completely although it was successful before, I am not positive. I do know that the soil lost almost half its weight in 2 days just sitting in the pot. I ran 150ml of water around the centers of each pot and bagged them up before I planted the seeds.

Hey look who decided to wake up! 129B!

129 A and B. Both domed overnight. No water, soil meter is dampish again after bagging the pots.

131, no action. Both had germed and had split from the root coming out. No water, soil is damp same as 129, they are domed as well but no sprouting. I’m going to soak two more 131 tonight if nothing, day 4 and no sprouting?

Bruce Banner and Gelato, either of these have a problem with natural soils? I’ll search about and TIA for any help.

I dropped two more 131s. I’m not worrying about the first two, if they sprout later owell they’ll grow beside these next two that I’ll plant right in the same pot and they can fight it out :smile: I’ll figure something out.

wait till it has a few sets of leaves before you torture your baby girl

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Nothing on the 131s so far. 129s are taking off

Second is showing my little spaces separated off now.

Well I didn’t take a pic but I swear I had no mushrooms under 129As dome, this morning there was one, it had shot up and touched the plastic container :thinking: it is cow manure compost, could there be magic mushroom spores in there? A and B are doing fine and stretching those first leaves, the soil will get water in the morning. I am at 6.5 on ph and my light lux is above 10,000. This blurple light has a clear plastic shield over the LEDs that I was thinking about removing

The 131s I soaked for 36 hours and now they’re in the paper towel I’ll wait till the root is out completely instead of just the tip before they go in the dirt.

On a side note, I’ve been quite sick for the past several days. My nose is runny and clogging up if I dont blow it, my regular hack has turned into that sticky clogged up chest thing…I might go get tested

129s are showing a second set of leaves already but the first set are a little twisted looking on B.

My efforts to get 131 to germinate are so far not showing results :worried: the second set has been in the moist paper towel on a plate in the dark for two days and not even split open yet wth. Soaked for 36 hours in PHd distilled water, temp of 75’, I used the regular 18 hour soak the first set of seeds. I’m still holding a few but what sense is it to keep at it? I will. :roll_eyes:

129 is Bruce Banner. 131 is/will be Gelato…I just dropped 3 more seeds to soak. Per the vendors I’ll only soak for 15 hours, the other two I dropped and the two before that still haven’t germd :roll_eyes: so give it 2 to 7 days to germinate :thinking: :smile: another week behind the BBs so now 2 weeks behind :smirk: I’ll post a pic later of the BBs, they’re going great so far. Given them about 300cc of distilled 6.5 PHd once today, lights are 18 inches above seedlings, the light cone is pretty tight the lower it gets, so I don’t want to burn them.

129A Leaning a bit so I turned it 90’ ccw 300cc of distilled water lights at 18" 14 hrs since sprouting I up it another hour this morning so 15 on. I think I might have burned them having the light at 12" the first couple days. I can see the next node climbing out :open_mouth: 129B Its a several hours behind A, next node is tiny but its there :grin:
My anxiety for these is dropping by the minute. I’m going to move away from MG “salts” :smile: and try out the ff trio maybe.

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The only thing I can say is wow.

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The 131 or Gelato AF, I’ve contacted the vendor and the solution rests with these last 3 seeds that are in the paper towel. 1 has popped a little tip of a root 4 hours ago which happened before, the other two…nothing so far. Vendor confirms replacement for non germination of other seeds, just wants to see if these 3 will germ if not replace those as well. Can be my choice of replacements type. :roll_eyes: this whole thing is FUBAR I’m going to get Solo cups and I’m dropping some baggie seeds! :smile: 24 on under blurples :thinking:

@BigBUDgell I keep forgetting to tag anyone, part of my injury.

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Looking good man.

BB 129A is doing its thing down below, little lengthening on first node leaves, second set is stretching and I can see the third node peeking out. 129B is a little wonky on node 1, there are stubs already exposing at the top, below the second node. I can see the hours of difference between when these popped the surface and the changes going on.
131…:roll_eyes: I left the last three seeds to germinate, and got one. It took off and threw out a root that almost left it above the 1 inch-ish deep hole where it’s been since 6pm yesterday…no sign of it yet and the other two are still in the towel with nothing even looking like a split or a tail toe root…nothing. This is why I threw all 7 of my other grow because I cant be sure of germination, especially now with 6 out of 7 likely duds at 30$ a seed with delivery and taxes fml and I still have stock on the BB I dont plan on throwing for another 4 months at least…F it I’m going to go get Solo cups and drop baggie seeds :smile:


129B and stub tip last

131 update, I can just barely see the head getting ready to flip out of the soil. I had it domed and another mushroom grew under it, I swear I think I can harvest them with the remaining manure I have left over :smile: little purple tinted gold caps…so back to reality. The other two seeds are just hibernating :thinking: in the towel no action.
129A is a darling

129B is stretching up These are both at that stage before I lay them over to start LST when the stems are still pliable and they want to flip back up to the lights. I’m debating throwing a cheap red in there to get it to leaf out instead of reaching. I dont have 4 plants crammed into a two plant area this time around so I can really spread them out.

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131 has crowned under its dome and looks solid leaning towards the lights above it. (I had planned a double grow for two of each, but the best laid plans of mice and men) could-it-be-satan
129A and B are strong and pushing thru the third node and the forth is poking out on A. I think I’ll train A starting tomorrow after tonight’s stretch and lean it over, have to see where B is in comparison tomorrow.

So I had some baggie seeds I threatened to soak and I did, Solo-ish cups filled about halfway getting warm and I have tails so I’ll be expanding to include at least four to start with. They’ll grow alongside the other three as best they can in the same soil mix. I have copied the double cup, one inside with no bottom and split inside another with some drain holes. I have an extra 5 gallon pot that’s empty and the best of these will get that as a new home.

:rofl: :rofl: :100: :100:

It lives. Domed lights out and this morning boom. JFC 1 out of seven to germinate :roll_eyes:
My baggie seeds split open but aren’t doing much since last night. Outside got down into the upper 30s heat set at 70 and it ran a few times. Fingers crossed. I have to make a phone call about those other seeds getting replaced.
129 A and B 4th node is out and over she goes on A…B is getting a different treatment and is doing fine I’m giving each about 300cc PHd 6.5 tap water just around the outside of the widest leafs, I want those roots stretching down and out not grouped up around the main stem. I put very little water close to the plant 90% is around the outside edge.