A good humidifier on Amazon?

It’s winter and I’m having humidity ranges from 15% to 45% daily. House temp is set at 72-74 F.

I just got a reply that low humidity can result in airy buds. :flushed:

Anyone happy with a humidifier that will turn itself on and off based on a preset RH percentage?

My temps range from 55 F to 78 F, so maybe I need a space heater that also turns off and on by itself? I read that Sativa’s usually want 65F to 78 F.



You have an open space. Its alot less important in open air 15% then sealed tent 15%.

Also you’d rather have it topping out at 45 then at 85. Just make sure the roots stay wet and you could positive off the minor stress of less humidity

More of a worry. Thats a pretty big temp swing. At least in my opinion


So do you think I may get airy buds if I don’t change anything? Pretty sure I’m going to add a humidifier that has a RH meter in it and a space heater.

Who said anything about airy buds? I said you may positive (trichome production wise) off lower humidity related stressors.

Airey buds are caused by not enough light intensity, high temperatures, bad genetics….

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No one said you said it.

My bad. Figured it was me :rofl: I say alot

I know you’re not my biggest fan. But I use this humidifier with great success. Cheap and has an RH setting. It does need to be level to work properly - I discovered that after setting it on an uneven floor.


You can shut off the light so it doesn’t illuminate the grow room at lights off. I refill once a day and have it running to 60% RH in a 9x13 room.

i use a humdifier i picjed up at walmart for $22 holds a gallon in the resivoir has 3 settings and keeps my 2x2 tent at about %55 i only use it as a drying tent seems to do a great job as i put a 4 inch fan up top for exhaust and leave the vent open on the bottom

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Distilled water?


I have two filters on my tap so I usually just use tap but distilled or RO would probably be smart to prevent mineral build up

It will also prevent white mineral dust from getting all over your grow area if you are using an ultrasound humidifier.


Will probably start using filtered water since there’s some calcium in the tap here, it will eventually kill the humidifier.

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Okay, setting this one I just got at 55% got me 35% with the door shut on a 11’x11’x8’ room after about 12 hours with humidity inside the rest of the house at 22%. Will probably have to increase the intensity setting from medium to high and set it at around 65% or 70%, then add water every two days.

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