A few questions, please help

Qustion from a fellow grower:

I had found four seeds in some really good GDP. I decided to see if I could get them to sprout. So I remembered something in school about covering little cups with saran wrap. so I nestled the seeds in paper towel and place them in a plastic baggie. I added some water and placed it on the warm register. I checked for moisture every couple of days and after a week

Yippees TWO babies…now I’m still thinking these little ones are probably not going to grow. so i carefully transfer them both into a quart size pot… omg they are growing one is now about three inches tall the other about inch and a half out of the soil. They both have the exact same amount leaves 14. i know i need to replant them and next time ill put seedling in home pot.in the beginning. but like i said i wasnt prepared…so , I was wondering what do you think of using sparkling spring water even if not for every water?? maybe use with feeding times only?? then I was wondering about using citrus peels in the soil to help with nutrients,moisture,and possibly flavour?? ive babied these for about three weeks now. I always like to think outside the box a bit. I get it though. The goal is to grow quality bud and not kill it. so yea if you get a chance. please, let me know what do you think? have you ever heard of or know if done?

I dnt knw if the citris peels in soil will b a good idea because it may mess with ph levels of soil(acidity from citris)
I am sure others will chime in on this

My experience with organic matter is that it needs to be composted first. Fresh matter will only lead to mold problems as it needs to …and will…have to decompose before anything is available for a growing plant. If you only have two young plants I would stick with traditional methods that growers are using here. The time to think outside the box is when you dont care if a plant dies because its loss will have little to no effect on your stash. In other words if you have more of the same seeds so it doesn’t matter if these two die. And sparkling water has carbon dioxide in it and your roots need oxygen so not really a good idea.


I dont know i i would go crazy and ad orange peels for flavor! Thats going to mess things uo more then you want! Why not just keep reading to see the basics you need to keep them going! Soil, lights, water, some nutes,ph and tds meter. …keep doing what your doing and they will grow its just a weed

Carbon dioxide is toxic to root structure

Orange peel may lead to fruit flies. Love the idea of adding flavor to soil/nutrient solution…has anybody ever done it before?

Flavoring doesn’t work that way.


I just added a top layer of Natures Living Soil to my manifold plant last night. That’s the only top feeding I’ve done, but is sold to be a top feed also. If you’re already using organic, it might be worth looking into.