A few questions from germination to transplant

I have a couple of questions… I planted seeds 5/12, now 5/23 I have 2 sets of leaves. They are growing in 5" cowpots ( biodegradable from cow manure) 1. When do I take the dome off? 2. My temp is 86 and humidity is 86 as well. Do I need to change anything? 3. How much water do I give them? I have been using a spray bottle and 3 times a day misting the leaves and direct close to the stem at the soil. 4. When would I transplant them into 7 and 5 gallon containers. I have 1 auto and 1 Fem? 5. When should I add the co2, during flower or when before? I am growing them under lights 24/7 until the fem needs to flower. Any suggestions will help. Thank you

Can we see a picture? They can probably stay in the cow pots for about two weeks, then transplant up. You can start taking off the dome now if they look healthy, but keep spraying them so they don’t dry out, they still don’t need much water until they really start growing fast. C02 really isn’t necessary, but if you want to add it, you should wait till they are much bigger, right now they have more than enough. Also, I would suggest changing your lighting schedule to 18/6, or even 20/4 so they get some rest. They will actually grow faster with sleep time.


Sorry for the late reply and thanks for the tag
Pics help and follow @raustin direction she is an awesome grower

Exactly right! Remember that most growth happens in darkness.

ok… just changed light time to 18/6… NOW Since these are cow pots made from cow manure and the decompose, is it ok for me to put them into the larger pots and just score the bottoms and sides?

BTW… the last 2 pics are from a stash seed. Any idea what it could be yet? @raustin @growit

Yes, you can just plant the entire pot when you transplant. No idea what that other plant is and you may never know, sorry.

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No clue but hope she grows big and strong

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