A bud that was pollinated by a rogue pollen sack

I might have had a little light leakage, or a little too much stress as I tied back a couple branches in beginning of flowering. (fingers crossed that’s all it was), and had a couple rogue pollen sacks fall. (Found a couple more and plucked them. Rest of the plant looks clean.) One flower was heavily pollinated by it, and think 2-3 others were grazed. I don’t trust seeds from inbreeding, so my question is this: can i clip the worst one and dry it out for sampling? Or is it even any good since it was pollinated? Should I clip all 3-4 flowers altogether and pitch them or smoke them? Couldn’t find any answers, and searches just kept bringing me to hermie threads. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Had some seed in dispensary bud earlier this year, if I can find the post will link it

From what I recall overwhelming opinion was that it was probably from some stress and that the seed would probably be a female

I still have them, I’m going to start them at some point
-good luck


So even though it’s from the same plant, just different flower, seeds should be ok? Don’t think she’s hermieing? on me, just that 1 I guess wants to be fickle… dang women! Ha!

I thought it would be a herime but most seemed to think it would be female so I saved it ?

Yeah… after reading up on her, careful if you ever decide to grow any Medusas… They some FICKLE Little Girls. I believe I messed up, though… 2 weeks into flowering, I flushed 2 of them… (1 had been stunted, I thought due to too rich of soil, the other one was just plain ignorance I should have left her alone) and they let me know I messed up by dropping some pollen pods 1 week later?
Lol… Guess I’ll be having a lot more fem Medusa seeds…
Thanks for the input though! Happy Growing :smile: