9 days after germination and planting no growth

Germinated 4 bruce banner autoflower seeds. 2 popped up after 4 days. The other 2 nothing so far. Growing in 3x3 tent. One 300 and one 1000 watt led grow light combo. 83 degrees temp. Inline duct fan. Seedling Matt’s under pots at average 76 degrees. Humidity 56%. Perlite and organic soil with peat and worm casings. 5 gallon fabric pots. Water 6.5 ph.

So give up on the 2 non bloomers and set new seedlings or wait?

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Give it a few more days. I’ve had some pop up after a week.


Patients! Some are just a little shy.

Theres three things u can plant new seeds or wait a few more days or you can dig in ur soil and try to find if those seeds have gone to deep in ur soil and if they have they will most likely have tap roots and if u do this u can plant those seeds back in if they have tap root

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Thanks all. I’m germinating two more. Gonna pitch the no growths plus the soil and start over. Gonna try to sprout these two in peat pots planted in the 5 gallon grow bags to see if that helps. Changing the led out to a maxisun fm2000. If that light satisfies me I will add the mf1000 to ensure complete coverage of my 3x3 tent