81 days up, How are my GIRL SCOUT COOKIES EXTREME auto looking


Look pretty good, nice job!

How close to Harvest would you say i have?

This plant looks looks closer

Than this plant

Maybe within week or so on top pic and 2ish weeks on bottom. Best to check trichomes on buds and make sure they’re all at least cloudy.

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Looks like their within a couple weeks. Are they very dense? Getting ready to try a couple gorilla glue autos. I’ve only done one other auto grow, and I had a hard time keeping it healthy, and didn’t yield as much as I usually do on photos for the same size plant.

Hey plant looks great, I did 3 GSC autos last grow 2 took about 14 weeks one took closer to 16 but depends on a lot of different factors. So I say your getting close only way to know for sure is to get a digital microscope or jewelry loop both quite inexpensive, keep up the good work

Well ones that are close are not very dense.
THE other plant is much more dense

so if that’s the case till maybe a week or two it’s possible that I flush too early and what would I have to do to turn that around or just stay with water only or add a lil nutrients. That being the case, is it to late to start again??? What should i do? THX for all replies

I’m not sure when you did what, or why. I would say if you feel flushing your plants is necessary, then it’s probably too late to bother feeding now.