8 days old 2nd set of leaves look discolored

Is there something wrong?

What you got there? Looks like it is either over or under watered. What kind of soil are you using, what is the ph of your water? And how much and how often are you watering? Oh welcome to the forum I forgot that part.

I’ve been nervous about over&under watering…so that’s probably what it is :pensive:…I got fox farms happy frog indoor/outdoor ready to use soil…
The water is just bottled aquafina for now…cus I don’t trust the tap…Is that bad? And I have just been giving her a couple quick splashes everyday…???
Thanks for the welcome by the way…lol
First time ever trying this…and am loving the fact that you guys…are here to help keep me from making a total fool of myself…if that’s possible

Welcome to the forum great people around to help you!

What size gallon containers are those?

Stop giving her bottled water. You got some distilled water? You got a pH up and down meter?

Its not in a gal size container… I have her in a starter pot…I will get distilled water and start checking the ph levels though

Bottled, distilled, R/O… all essentially the same. Spring water is the only standout and not by much.

No need to ph those. As they have VERY little ppms (total dissolved solids, or ‘stuff’) in them to begin with. The few splashes every day is very vague. If ur in a starter tray (smaller then a solo cup)? Soak that soil. Give her 3-4 days, then check. No need for babysitting. Feast then famine.

This is the size container its in

Yup. Water in a circle around the outside of her leaves. Give her a good drench but AVOID her stem like the plague. Then dont touch her til Wednesdayish

I only waterd these once a week in solo cups. Even at 4 weeks

Will try tu

Any better?

She’s looking much better…most definitely was underwatering her…thanks again

Awesome. Keep me updated