72 hours darkness

Hi fellow gardeners…I have a perplexing situation i need advice for…i recently went away for a few days and forgot to power on my tent…the plants were 2 and 1 week into flowering cycle…they don’t look too bad …how should i proceed ? Will they continue to flower on 12 hours or should I drop down to 11 or 10 hours of light per day ?

Just continue with the 12/12 cycle. Multiple overcast days prevent plants from seeing sun in nature. Same principle applies to your tent. Your plant knows what to do. Good luck!

Just be thankful you didn’t leave the lights on. Now that is a problem that can easily lead to hermies.


Thanks for taking the time to reply…:slightly_smiling_face: really appreciate it…great site this…Cheers


Do you normally turn your lights on and off manually? I agree to reset to 12/12, but you want to make sure they are dark for needed time once flowering.

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autotimers are the answer …

keep your flowering at 11 hours…no major problems