7 seeds Of Failure. Will I succeed?

Hi guys have gone through seven seeds of failure. The first four I undershot With nutrients and they died on week 3 in my dwc setup grow cabinet. I started two more snapped the Taproot they couldn’t recover. Now I’m on my third try with Bubba Kush week 3 and a dwc setup with two seedlings. Ppm’s are looking good from 600 to 800. My EC levels are from 1.2 to 1.6. My relative humidity is between 50 and 70. My temps are from 77 to 83. And my water temps are from 66 to 73. Just want some feedback and

updates on how they look and if I should wait one or two weeks until bloom?

Looks good so far. Ppm seems a little high, but The plants don’t look upset so I won’t say to change it. But do keep an eye on them.


Should I wait a week or 2 til I flip to bloom?

You can change the schedule any time you want to.

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Won’t that hurt my yields? They are at 3 inches in height now.I kinda wanna wait til they are at least 6 in .

You can flip at any size you prefer. I like mine a little larger, but as long as it’s mature enough you can flip it. You can wait if you’d like. I wasn’t saying to flip, only if you wanted. Lol

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Im still on my first grow, and just flipped to bloom lighting schedule.
But i waited 5 weeks from seed sprouting above to flip.

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I got you @Covertgrower . Thank you so much for your input and advice I will wait a little bit longer till they get a little bit bigger this is my first grow so I’m trying not to screw these ones up and trying to get us something out of it LOL

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It’s my first time grow also I was also told to wait about four or five weeks for them to heal and catch up from all the topping. Good luck on your grow

Quick update…Sunday will be 5 weeks in veg. Then I’m going to go to bloom. How do they look?

Girl # 2 is big


#2 :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I’m at week 9 of veg in a DWC. Going to flip when the smaller plant in the corner hits the SCROG net. Doenst matter when you flip. Personal choice. I’d like to have flipped sooner but that bastard small plant was so far behind. But it benefits me more because my SCROG is better filled so I’ll get a better yield

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They look nice and healthy! If your ready flip away. Another couple weeks would prob help your yield a lot though

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