650R is in the tent

Finally got the dual 260 Rspec pulled out of the 3 x 3 and got the UVA-30, I-bolts and chains installed on the 650R. Got the tent all cleaned up, fans cleaned up and oiled. Blew out the flex duct and cleaned up the exhaust fan and pre-filter and got the 650R hung and also brought down the 100 V2 for a seedling and got it setup. Made up my Gaia Green and Coco mixture in a new Rain Science 7 gal. bag pot back on 10-17 and buried a clear solo cup in the big pot for seedling growth and easy transplant. Started floating a seed last night. So all that’s needed now is a pop and a sprout of green. So this config is the pinnacle of what I can upgrade and do with the 3 x 3.


Looking good! Been busy haven’t you?


Woo hoo comin in hot


Looking good. Hell of a set up as usual. What strain you going with? Can’t wait to see the green filling that tent. My offer still stands, btw. I’ll store the dual 260s free of charge. :wink::+1:


Free beans are good. You’ll probably need every bit of the height in your gorilla grow with a strain that can get that big. Shouldn’t have any trouble filling up that tent, especially with a 650R in there. I know you have it all dialed in, but good luck with your grow anyway.


I have a buddy that swears by those rain science pots, but is I still pretty green on growing. He did have some nice outdoor plants last time he grew. They’re a little pricey for me, but I like the idea.


Sorry to ask this here about free seeds. Has anyone grown GLUE 75? Opinions?

I am in Okiehoma also. Some good seeds available.

Landrace or bust eh?

I fixed the flower footprint

Let it rip.


Im with you, I prefer my strains be purely indica or purely sativa which is near impossible to find. Once I move away from autos hoping that there will he more options that way.

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