60yr old Rookie needs help

Started my first indoor DWC grow with a couple seeds that came in some flower a friend purchased. Not sure what strains they are but bith started same day and one stretched faster than the other. Now at around 5 weeks from germ the runt blew up with huge fan leaves.

Any suggestions or ideas will be appreciated. Ive trimmed a few leaves, thinned the bottom third and topped a couple times.
As you can see by the pics the runt is now the monster. Running 18/6 with 2 Vivosun VS 1000E’s along with Heavy 16 nutes changing water weekly with replenishments in between.
Should I stop trimming?
Change ltg schedule?
Scrog or Sog?
So many questions I have.
Started 2 AK47 auto’s as well in another tent.

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Those lights may be insufficient when you get to flowering if you let ‘em grow too much larger. They provide about 200 watts between the two of them, which is about what I would use to flower out a 2x2 tent. Perhaps a 2.5x2.5, but that’s an incredibly uncommon tent size.

Just food for thought. They look great. I’m using VS1000s in my veg tent - plants seem to enjoy them.

Thanks, I have one in my 2x4x60 over my germs which becomes veg tent.
Would 1 more light in there help to flower?

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How big is the flowering area?

4x4x80 is what I have

For a 4x4, I’d highly recommend a minimum of 480 watts to flower properly. In Vs1000 terms, that’s about 5 of them. There are likely more cost effective ways to get more firepower in the tent, but I admit I haven’t looked into it that closely.

I found HLG (horticulture lighting group) and Green Beams and haven’t strayed from them as my go-to for lights. HLG is the Cadillac of lighting. green beams is the budget-friendly alternative to HLG. They won’t be quite as efficient as the HLG’s, but they do a good job. I own at least one fixture from each, and they’re fairly comparable.


I have a 650R HLG in my tent as per suggestion from these great people, went from 6 puples to this light, I had to relearn what little I knew, very little heat compared to before. My area is 6x6x6 and im very happy with the choice, there was a bigger one someone suggested but the 650r was on route.

Greatest advice given to me when i showed up late july, get good light and good genectics.

First try, Hlg light and ilgm beans.

You have some very healthy looking plants.
Welcome to the 60 + rookie club, im with ya. And welcome to the happy zone.


Cant really afford either right now but getting my hands on a VLED 0600 for under 100 for 2 of them. I can move one of the vs1000 into my veg tent.
Does changing lighting from the white to blurple screw my grow?

it may negatively impact it because the spectrum of light is less “real” than full spectrum. Blurples are generally avoided because they’re less efficient when compared against their full-spectrum counterparts. It won’t stop you from still producing smokable bud. :v:

I’d get your weakest lighting in the veg area and get the most light you can in the area you plan to flower. Vegging plants need a lot less.

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Thats what Im finding out from other sites. Probably goung to grab 400 w of same lt. I only have 2 growing and 2 germ/veg at any given time. I will update progress weekly.

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Those are beautiful. I had a couple unknown I tried outdoors but heat ,bugs and flies destroyed them

Tried everything but had to yank em early. All the tops started falling off.

Got some almost smokable. Smells good too.
Thanks for responding


Todays pic of my AK47 autos.

Getting to look same in flower tent. Uping the wattage today