60 day old 9 leafs

Hey all,

 I have a few girls that I have been growing since the end of March and they are doing well I have a cold cellar insulated and is about 5’x7’. I am using a 1500w LED with a 4”inline fan with charcoal filter. My room stay between 70-75 degrees and 50%-70% humidity. They are in 6” pots and get water every other day with CANNA VEGA 2 part fertilizer. The question that I have is as may 24 is approaching I would like to move them outside. They are producing leafs with nine fingers and it’s seems unusual as everything says 5-7 leafs is maturity. Did I start these to soon ? Will they be ok outside to hopefully harvest by end September early October ? And should I top them as they are 24” tall now ?

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I think 9 leaves mean it healthy I dont think it should be worrisome idk about outside so someone with more knowledge be around soon @AAA grows outdoors maybe he can help or know someone who can


Pictures in natural light of the whole plant?

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My white widows are the same . 9 leaf


Beautiful plant. I don’t see any issues.


Thanks. I was just worried that I started them to soon. they are going to go outside when the weather gets nice and I don’t want them to be ready to early in the summer.

If you put out in June you should be ok. Longest day is summer solstice.

My auto akunks have 9leaves too !

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