6 weeks along.. yellowish leaves

Hello, I’m new on here and new to growing on a level like this. My plants are about 6 weeks along (not as filled out as others I’ve seen at 6weeks). Besides slow growth one thing I’ve noticed on a few of them is they are turning a yellow/gold color. You may even say lime green depending on how you look at them. I’m growing in organic potting mix with perlite. T5 lights (24 hr) and CFLs and small led grow lights on 2 hrs 3 times a day. I only use distilled water. Occasionally I add some liquid kelp additive and indoor plant fertilizer (very sparingly) 3-5 drops per gallon. I use fabric pots and I try to balance the ph between 5.5-6.5.
Here’s my problem. Yellowish leaves, slow growth. The ph runoff is about 7. What to do?

They need light at least 14 hours a day to get the best growth.

Edit: I’m realizing I misread that, but the more light, the more photosynthesis they can do, and then the more they can grow.

What are you using to test pH? It’s best to keep it between 6.3 - 6.8 in soil.

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I would run all the lights on a 18/6 or 16/8 cycle. Also, they looks a little hungry.

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I was just about to add that. Yes, hungry, too!

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What’s the copper wire for??

I’m using test strips for the most part. I also use the test solution in a vial of water to be tested.

I’ve been running the T5’s 24hrs. So should I put them on a timer? Seems there’s so much to read and some run this and some run that. This is the reason I decided to join so I could get info with feedback. I appreciate you and anyone who’s helping.

I use the test strips for the most part. I also use the solution drops in the little test vial.

They need a dark period. A lot of growth happens then.


I’m using it to bend the plants over to the side. It was the handiest thing I could find. Easy to bend and no sharp edges.

I’ll get them on a timer tomorrow.


You got some really good info so far. To add, your medium looks awfully wet too.

You’ll save yourself a lot of hassle by grabbing a digital ph meter and tds tester. I think there’s a combo pack with both for $20 or less on amazon. If you’re in a soil based mix you’ll want to be a little more exact with your ph. Like in the mid 6’s. Personally, I amended my soil with dolomite lime the was ph neutral and then set my water and nute solution a little lower. But that was me trying to avoid ph adjuster for most part. But grabbing one of those digital meter sets will help you get her dialed in quickly.

You’ll want the timer eventually for flower, but I’m not a huge believer anymore that they need dark to grow during veg stage. The biggest thing you gain with dark period in my opinion is cost savings on your bill.


What are you feeding them? And how much? This can also determine how well it takes off. I run my babies on a 18/6 roster. They definitely need some dark time. I use rhysotonic at 1ml per liter when they are babies and only feed once per day. Babies don’t need a lot of feeding. Sometimes I don’t even feed once a day, I skip a day if they feel moist.

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Are you familiar with Calvin cycle and C3 plants?

Yes I am. I just prefer to leave babies in the dark for a few hours. I used to run on 24hour roster but they seem to take longer. Just what I have noticed in my situation

24hrs may be too much with the t5, maybe 18/6 to give her some dark/rest/growth time. Is there a reason for the CFL schedule?

Sorry I tried to reply last night and being a new member I was only allowed so many replies on a first day.
Here’s my message

I had just watered them minutes before I took these pictures. Probably be a few days before they get water again. I’ll check into a digital ph tester. I’ve had to stop spending so much lately. The grow room cost about 300, insulation panels and radiant insulation another 100, the T5 fixture about 80… needless to say I need to cut back for a few weeks.
I also read that changing the ph of distilled water is more difficult. Anyone else have this problem?

No I’m not familiar with those terms.

I really didn’t have a specific reason for that schedule. My reason was to add light in areas that seemed to have shadows. It was just an experiment.

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I had a 300w blurple that I did a grow under. By the time she was into flower I had 4 double-CFL lights set up like a stadium. So it’s not weird to try and get extra light. But if they need it, they need it, just run it on the same schedule. I think knocking off the 24hr schedule will help too.

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