5week into veg. Stage, first sign of sex

Red headed stranger, last day of 5 week growth, a last showing signs of being female, close to changing lights from cfl to lighting with m/h 400w don’t know if that will be good if anyone thinks I should do different please set me on the right track, plan to bring the plants to flowering with the m/h, then going to hps ligjting, can do 250w, 400w, 600w. Would like input if anyone has anything, I messed up from jump on this grow by using the wrong soil ! Miracle-grow with plant food, started out with nutella shock,& burn.

Did you fix the nutrient and soil issue?

Yes changed soil but still had quite alot of the time released soil in the root balls, that’s why I only feed a third of what I should until flowering, seen only one time she showed tip burn! I hope I get this indoor stuff, also these smart phones aren’t my way of life either!..
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