5week into flower

Hi all read up she is bout 7/8 week flower cud anyone help as to how long left in her till harvest or any tips to help her if notice anything it’s my first grow so hope I’m on right track…


Im new also and maybe a couple weeks from first harvest…all i know for sure is you want to wait until at least 85% of all those white pistils to turn red/brown and recede and then you will need a cheap jewlers loupe or a relatively inexpensive usb microscope off amazon to magnify the trichomes and that how you decide when you want to harvest… its all preference as to what type of high you want but generally clear trics means not ready, some milky/cloudy and you’re getting close if you want a lighter buzz, all milky/cloudy and now you’re gettin to the good stuff. There is also a point of waiting too long tho

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Ok thanks for the info hope ur goes well gd luck👍🏻

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Thank you me too :crossed_fingers: :pray:… a little nervous about the chop/dry/cure and been fighting a higher than preferred rh late in flower so really hoping everything comes out ok!

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Patience. Your buds look really healthy. Keep doing what you’re doing. Get yourself a loupe and start looking for amber. I like a higher rate of amber (30-60%) but I harvest whenever a plant starts foxtailing.