5th grow with problems too soon?

It’s me again Margaret, lol! 5th grow but different strains and new to me: Auto Gorilla Glue and the other is Chocoloupe. I’ve read to Soak the soil after I transplant and I did but added a small amount of Calmag 6 days ago because they looked like they needed it. I’ve raised and lowered the lights and added a little diffuser in attempt for higher humidity. My set up:

600W-2000W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Plant Light Single Control.
Organic soil (used for the last 2 grows)
LEAVES don’t look well. Supposed to Feed Tomorrow but I don’t know If/What to do?! Any suggestions? Thanks

check the ph

They look Healthy at the top

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I don’t know how to check the pH in the soil. I have one of those"Moisture & pH tool" but pH part Never works. I adjust the pH when I feed my girls.

yeah i get it. maybe check the runoff next time you feed or water.

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